Friday, April 25, 2014

It Makes A Difference!

About a year ago we decided to go gluten free.  It really made a difference in how I feel, headaches for Garrett and I, and disappearing belly fat.  It's been a good change.  The biggest problem became finding a good gluten free flour to make breads and other baked goods. 

First there is the expense issue.  You buy this tiny little bag of flour for $7 or $8 and you need at least 2 of them to make 4 loaves of bread.  And our house goes through about 8 loaves a week.  And some of those flours don't taste very good and in fact some taste down right nasty. 

A few months ago we found a great deal on a 5 pound bag of Namaste flour at our local Costco. did it taste.  The price was right at around $13.  Tom made bread and it was delicious.  OK!  We had a winner! 

Imagine our disappointment when a few weeks later the Namaste was gone and in it's place was another brand.  It was slightly less money at about $12 for 5 pounds.  So we bought a couple of bags.  Tom made bread and it didn't act the same or taste nearly as good.  Bummer.

So we hunted the regular grocery stores and went back to buying little bags but still didn't have the success or tastiness of the Namaste brand.  On our next trip to Costco I mentioned to the cashier our disappointment and they suggested we write out a comment card.  I was skeptical.  Did anyone really read them?  Would it make any difference?  After all I'm just one customer.

Three weeks later we were back at Costco, just this past week.  You would have thought we won a million dollars.  There in the baking isle were those pretty maroon bags of flour by Namaste!  They listened.  We were elated!!!!

So Tom suggested I write an email to Namaste thanking them.  I did that yesterday.  I also wrote another comment card to Costco thanking them.  Today I got an email from a wonderful lady at Namaste who thanked me for suggesting it to Costco.  She said they had been in negotiations with them for weeks and couldn't come to terms.  Now the shipments are rolling out to Costco's all over!  Now I can't know for sure my little comment card did it but it sure feels nice to think it did.

Thanks Namaste and thanks Costco!  We have a happy gluten free home here!

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