Monday, April 14, 2014

Good-bye Ex-Friend

I was reminded today why I don't much like "churchy-preachy" Christians.  I know that sounds harsh but today brought back bad memories of "holier than thou" and why we don't go to church anymore.

I had the gall to post a picture of a gift that I received from my job.  I do my job because not only do I love what I do (helping people get healthy) but it pays the bills and allows Tom and I to stay at home and raise our family and go off across the world to bring home teenage orphans.  Most would think that is pretty cool.  Not this person.

He seemed to think that going after building a big business was anti-Christ.  Hmmm...I said to him the more money I earn, the more I can help orphans, which after reading the Bible through a few times was a pretty clear directive from Yahweh (God).  He stuck to his guns that it was better to spend time in prayer than actually "doing" anything.  Then he said that he would pray for me and that he loves me.  Ugh!

Now this after a day of calling USCIS to check on our paperwork status, working with our mortgage company to refinance our house to have the money to adopt, working on this monstrosity of a yard sale and of course, working my Arbonne business.  Lots of irons in the fire.

So some guy who thinks prayer is more important than doing for the orphans has the nerve to call me out because I'm happy that I earned some bling for doing a good job.

Now others have gotten the same kind of messages and I've told them to just let it go and keep your eyes focused where they need to be.  Why am I not taking my own advice?

Because I'm pretty fed up with the ones who aren't doing anything telling us going through this process what we should be doing instead.  Would you rather I don't work?  How would my family be supported?  Would you rather I make just enough money to pay my bills and buy groceries?  Then who is going to take care of the orphans of the world?

I'm at a loss.  What do you want from me?  From us?  From all of us?

I work for a company that has their goal to be the #1 company in giving back.  We have people funding whole orphanages, building schools, paying for medical mission trips and so on.  Our company has a foundation that helps at risk teenagers.  We have people with heart who are willing to do the hard stuff and help.

Now I'm not saying that prayer isn't important.  Believe me when I say that most days I may not walk around on my knees but in my head there is almost a constant conversation between Him and me.  He gets me through.  He not only listens but He tells me in a hundred ways that He is right there with me.

Just a few days ago Tom and I were talking about beds/bedrooms and sleeping arrangements for three new teens.  We realized that we just needed one twin mattress and we would be all set.  I said, when it gets a little closer I'll put it out there and someone probably has one they don't need anymore.  We woke up the next morning to an email from a friend asking if we could use a new twin mattress they had but don't need anymore.

Yeah, He listens.  And yes, He talks back.

I will also take all the prayers I can get from others.  And if all you can do is pray, then pray your heart out for us and these orphans. 

Just don't think it's OK to sit back and preach at those who are actually doing something, telling us that it takes a lot more than that to get into heaven.  I say to you that I don't think you have the slightest idea of what it takes to get into the Kingdom.  And maybe you should re-read the parable of the talents.  He who has been given and does nothing with it gets it taken away.  And at the very least if you can't say something supportive then you shouldn't say anything at all.

James tells us that faith without works is dead.  He then goes on to tell us what those works are.  I seem to remember the word orphan in there somewhere.  

I'll do whatever I need to do to take care of one more orphan, then one more, then one more and I'll do it for the rest of my life.  Not only is that going to take prayer, but a mountain of other stuff as well.  My goal is to make millions of dollars.  YES I said MILLIONS.  Because I know what money like that is going to do for these teen orphans.  If He gave me the talent then He expects me to use it for Him and His will. 

The last thing someone like me needs is someone like you in my world.  Tearing down in the name of Him.  I believe He would be disgusted.   I know I am.

So good-bye my self-righteous ex-friend.  I hope you enjoy your world.  You don't belong in mine. 

I know this has been a bit sarcastic.  Not my normal stuff.  But today it's simply my opinion.

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