Saturday, May 3, 2014

Just Say YES!

Such a simple word which can have so much impact.  So many people say no.  They have reasons.  Justifications.  Excuses.

No is an end.  It shuts down, shuts off.  You don't get past a no.  There is nothing.

A yes, on the other hand, opens doors.  There are possibilities with yes.  Adventures always start with yes. 

A first date must start with a yes.  A marriage, too.  Yes to going to college, or even yes to getting good grades in school.  You have to buy in.  You have to say yes.

No puts up a wall.  Most times insurmountable.

I watch it all the time in my Arbonne business.  I put out the information on getting healthy and get 9 no's to every yes.  The no's all have reasons. Some sound valid to the hearing but deep down it's still just an excuse.

I also watch it happen in the adoption world.  The world of orphan care.  There are statistics out there that basically say that if only a small percentage of the world's Christians adopted there would be no more orphans.  There were 120 orphans in our son Vlad's orphanage.  120.  Yet all but a handful will end up on the streets.  Because people say no.

People say things like, "I have no money" (join the club), or "my husband would never go for that" or "I'm done raising children" or a hundred other reasons.

The problem that I see from my vantage point in all of this is that when you say no to an opportunity; whether it is something like Arbonne or adoption, you are saying no to miracles happening in your life.  You have made a decision that you don't want the miracles happening to you.

Yesterday I got to watch a miracle unfold.  A disrupted adoption of a 13 year old girl.  I won't go into the details because they don't matter.  All that matters is that someone knew I had a heart for orphans and that I work tirelessly to find families for them.  I got an email about this girl asking for my help.  After talking with the mom about the girl I put a simple post on Facebook.  We now have two families who we are working with to find out which one will be the best fit for her.

Now I really have done nothing.  But I get the gift of watching all of this unfold.  I probably will never even meet this girl but I got to have a little tiny hand in her life.  All because I said YES!  When I got the email, I didn't look at the piles (literally piles) of stuff I had to do.  It would have been easy to say no.  I'm leaving for our global conference in just a few days.  I have so much to do my head is spinning.  My house is a disaster because people have been dropping things off for our fundraiser garage sale for weeks and the weather has been horrible with no chance of actually holding the sale so my house is piled high.

I have grandbabies coming to stay so my DIL can go to the conference and so, so much to do.  But I said yes.  Because yes lets me in a little bit to watch Yahweh work.  I get to see Him firsthand.  I get to watch him as someone calls me out of the blue that would be a perfect fit.  I didn't do that - He did!  This is so much fun I can't even explain it.  All because I said yes.

Yesterday I got a picture of our new daughter, Kristina.  I looked at that picture at least 20 times yesterday.  She is our new daughter because we said yes.  Do we have the money?  No.  Do we have the time?  No.  But we said yes anyway.  Because yes opens the doors to miracles.  Saying yes lets Yahweh in and He is more fun to watch than anything else  on this planet. He is AMAZING to watch!

Start saying yes!  Yes to the hard things.  The things that you think are impossible.  Whether it's finally getting fit with Arbonne or saying yes to orphan adoption.  Just say yes and let the miracles start happening!

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