Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Are You Still Living In Your Comfort Zone?

I loved my comfort zone.  I really did.  I would stay there all the time.  A good book, a quiet spot, no people.  Nothing out of the ordinary.

It's true.  

But nothing much out of the ordinary ever happens in the comfort zone.

So I've spent my life pushing myself out of the place where I feel most comfortable.  And the joys and accomplishments have piled up.  

Today I live my life constantly out of the comfort zone.  Between what I do for work, Arbonne, and this fantastically crazy adoption journey, it all pushes me.

Here I am right now, writing this message, in a little apartment one block from Maidan square in downtown Kiev, Ukraine.  I can step out on my little balcony and see soldiers walking at all hours of the day and night.  One little block is all that separates us from where all the destruction and loss of life happened just a few short months ago.  Where tents are still set up and tire barricades.  Where smoke curls up from fires still being fed.  Where pictures of the dead are posted all around. 

I'm in a country still fighting with Russia.  Not a little enemy and one that most of the world is scared of.  And every day I pray that Yahweh will allow me to go into the area where most of the fighting is still happening.  Yup.  Asking to be allowed to go.  Talk about out of the comfort zone!  A few days ago we were being driven to an appointment and had to go through a checkpoint.  Yup, real soldiers holding real automatic weapons had to check us through.  Friends of mine not only had to go through some checkpoints but some of them were Russian.  

In Arbonne my comfort zone does not include speaking to strangers and asking if I can help them get healthy.  It does not include calling people on the phone to ask them to join me in my business.  But in order for my family to have the life I want them to have I do it anyway.  In order for that stranger to be healthier, I get out of that zone.  And guess what?  It's all good!  I have now helped one more person and my family is also benefiting. 

This getting out of the comfort zone is not a bad thing.  It's amazing!  It's freedom!  It's liberating!!  You become a completely different person.  A person who walks with their head high and shoulders back because you conquered your fear!  You now live life at a whole other level! You gain a self-confidence that cannot be gotten any other way.  You can't buy it.  You can't read a book or go to a seminar and get it.  And it's so worth it!

Because what are comfort zones really?  They are fear zones.  It's where you stay because you are afraid.  And it keeps you from living an amazing life.  It keeps you from talking to that stranger who down the road becomes your best friend.  It keeps you from saying yes to adoption and having one, or five, new children in your family that now you can't imagine living without. 

Get out of you comfort zone!  Get out today and start living a life without fear.  Start saying yes to things.  Start having a "yes" attitude toward life and see where you end up a year from now.  

We said yes to Arbonne and our family is now living the life of our dreams with both parents home.  We said yes to adoption and we have 5 new people in our family who are amazing and brilliant and fun and who will go on to live fantastic lives.  (And lots more grandbabies someday!)

What should you say yes to?  Something!  Anything!  Just get out of your comfort zone and do something today that scares the pants off of you!  That makes your palms sweat.  That gives you a butterfly stomach.  Say yes and just do it!  You'll be that person that walks a little taller and straighter.  You'll get a gleam in your eye.  

And the next one will get easier and easier.  And before you know it your comfort (fear) zone will just be a distant memory.  Because now you're living life in the fearless and amazing zone!  

Do it today!       

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