Sunday, June 15, 2014

Why Ukraine????

Why are you going all the way to Ukraine to adopt?
What about all the children here in the U.S.A. who need families?
There are 2,000 children in Michigan who need families, why don't you adopt some of them?
Is it easier to adopt from Ukraine?  Is that why you're adopting from there?

All of those are valid questions and I thank you for asking them.  I understand the curiosity and I'm the first one to say U.S.A. first. 

If you read my blog a bit, especially the one with our story, you'll see that we weren't really looking to adopt at all.  We are believers in the Bible and well, we believe that Yahweh (God) just dropped Vlad into our laps.  That opened our eyes to the plight of Ukraine orphans.

A few years earlier we had thought about adopting.  Finding out that there is an age limit (we are too old) nipped that in the bud.  So we let it go, thinking it wasn't for us.  Maybe 6 was enough after all.

When Vlad came to us we had no thoughts of adoption.  We had no idea there were Ukraine orphans or that they were available for adoption.  We were not wealthy and the thought of adopting internationally just was out of our reach.

After having him in our home though everything changed.  After going to Ukraine and seeing first hand the orphanages there it changed even more.  As I said in the interview I had nightmares every night for months.  I saw the faces of the children in my dreams.  I knew there was no turning back from this.

So why Ukraine?  Well it wasn't our choice but Yahweh's. 

What about the children here in Michigan, or the U.S.?  Well here are some facts:

Children in the states are allowed to stay in the system until 18 or graduated from high school.  In Ukraine they are put out on the streets when they turn 16. 

In the states they are given subsidy's and free college and housing.  In Ukraine they get nothing.  Nada.  Not a dime.  They are on their own.  The boys turn to crime to make money for food, the girls prostitution. 

Our Vlad said the girls in his orphanage started sneaking out the orphanage when they turn 15 to make money to buy food because they don't get enough. 

It is not easier to adopt from Ukraine.  In fact, instead of dealing with a state government and regulations you're now dealing with two federal governments who sometimes disagree with each other.  The piles of paperwork, the travel expenses and the fee's are exorbitant.  So not it is not easier and it is not less money.  You have to be on a mission to take on international teen adoption.

Bottom line children are children.  We believe the Bible when it states that true religion is taking care of the widows and orphans.  And that in you the orphan finds mercy.  No where does it state at the end of those sentences that it should be in your own country.

If we can help some teenagers have a future and a family, something that everyone deserves, it shouldn't matter if they are American or Ukrainian.  They are amazing kids who are smart and deserving.

I truly hope this opens some eyes and that some who hadn't thought about adoption will look into it, whether that is here at home in the U.S. or in Ukraine.  If more took on this mandate from Yahweh maybe there would be no more orphans. 

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