Friday, October 26, 2012

Vlad Update: Today is the Day!!

Today is the day everything gets mailed to Ukraine!!!!  What a journey so far.  I know, without a shadow of doubt, that without Yahweh involved we would not be this far on the journey. 

We were told out of the gate that the home study process would take at least 90 days.  We left that agency and found another.  It was done in 30. 

We were told that the immigration process would take at least 90 days, more likely 120.  At the beginning of October I spoke with immigration who confirmed that it was taking at least 90 days.  Our application arrived at USCIS on 9/17 and we got our approval yesterday 10/25.  Our officer was amazing, even calling me twice, and really going to work for us.  She allowed me to email in our changes and approved us and emailed me back within 10 minutes.

After getting the approval I decided to check in with Ukraine to be sure everything was in order before mailing it.  Good thing.  I knew that everything had to be notarized but I missed that it was also supposed to be apostilled.  For those of you who don't know what that is - I am probably the only one who didn't - it is certification by the state that all of the signatures on the documents are true.  It's a pretty big deal with gold seals and staples on the gold seals.  Very official looking.  The women at the Secretary of State (Livonia, MI; 6 mile and Farmington Rds.) were great!  Two of them worked together to get them done - 25 documents!

So today I go to DHL.  It seems like there should be some ceremony to it - LOL!  All of this paperwork worked on for 2 months and now so beautifully stamped with gold seals going into an envelope to travel half-way around the world.  An envelope packed with the ability to change a family and the life of an orphan - our new son.

And now we wait!  Yahweh has truly worked in this journey to bring Vlad home.  Getting the first two parts done in one third the time it should have taken.  We are told that this next and last part will take from 10 - 14 weeks.  Our goal is less than 8 weeks so that Vlad will be home by the end of the year.  It is all in Yahweh's hands now.  DHL will get it to Dima, our facilitator in Ukraine, by Monday.  The clock is ticking.  I have peace with the situation.  His Will be done. And that is, Simply My Opinion.


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