Monday, January 28, 2013

Vlad Update: Preparing to Bring Vlad Home

The past few days I've been immersing myself in teaching materials.  As most of you know I already home school our two still at home; one in 8th grade and one in 6th.  Vlad will be in 9th according to his age, but definitely not his educational level.  He knows very little English and his math is very sketchy.  When I was in Ukraine I downloaded a few math tests to see where he is and he is all over the map.  From 4th grade through 8th grade he knew a few things in each grade but there are huge gaps.  So I've picked up some math workbooks starting in grade 4 to go through with him.  With my daughter Emma's help we found an online downloadable math definition sheet in English/Russian.  13 pages of terms in both languages.  Yay!

So I plan to go through those books with him and teach him the things that he missed.  I want him to have a solid math foundation.  I've also picked up some beginning English language workbooks.  I know that he will pick it up fast because he is very smart and once he is immersed into the family he will pick a lot of it up just by constantly hearing it.

Right now I'm working on re-working our daily schedule because Vlad will need more one-on-one time to explain what we are doing with the language barrier.  

Besides that I am working on all of the paperwork to turn into the U.S. Embassy in Kiev.  They need a bunch of forms, tax returns, etc. to show that we are capable of supporting another person in our household.  I cannot wait until I'm done with all of this paperwork.  I had no idea when we started this process how much paper I would accumulate.

I leave to go back on the 9th of February.   Before then I need to have my house organized and all of this paperwork done and ready to take with me. 

For those of you following this sage, just keep praying for our protection, energy and strength. 

Thank you!

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